The Golden Mistress (1954)

Article 1942 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-9-2006
Posting Date: 12-6-2006
Directed by Abner Biberman
Featuring John Agar, Rosemarie Stack, Jacques Molant

When a man makes off with an idol used in a voodoo ceremony, he tries to contact a treasure hunter to let him know of the discovery. When the man dies of a voodoo curse, the treasure hunter embarks on a journey with the daughter of the dead man to locate a missing tribe known as “The Untamed”.

This movie starts out as an exercise in voodoo horror, but shifts its focus about a third of the way in to become an adventure story. I was a bit surprised to see it with a lowly 4.0 rating on IMDB; I quite enjoyed it myself. The cast is quite likable, the color location footage (it was shot in the Caribbean) is quite beautiful, and the native dances are some of the best I’ve seen. It is, with its black tribes performing primitive ceremonies, politically incorrect nowadays, which probably accounts to some extent for its poor reputation. The director plays the role of the man who originally steals the idol, and Rosemarie Stack (who was known as Rosemarie Bowe at the time this was made) would later marry actor Robert Stack; given her beauty, I’m a bit surprised she didn’t have a much bigger career as an actress that she did.



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