Danger Woman (1946)

Article 1937 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-4-2006
Posting Date: 12-1-2006
Directed by Lewis D. Collins
Featuring Don Porter, Brenda Joyce, Patricia Morison

A scientist develops a method of atomic energy (that doesn’t require radioactive substances) that can be used for industrial purposes, but he refuses to reveal it for fear that it will be used for evil ends. However, unscrupulous powers are afoot, and he suddenly finds two people moving into his house; a car accident victim who needs a quiet place to recover and a prodigal wife who returns to him after an absence of three years.

Once again we find ourselves in the grips of one of those marginal science fiction movies in which the science fiction aspect (the new form of atomic energy) serves as little more than the prize in a struggle between good and evil. Action fans will, however, be disappointed as well; there is very little action in the movie, which spends a lot more time on the relationship between the scientist, his wife, and his secretary (who is in love with the scientist and didn’t even know the wife existed before she showed up). The plot to acquire the scientist’s secrets is focused on forcing his hand economically; a smear campaign is used to cut off his means of support in the hopes that this will force him to sell his secrets. The biggest surprise I found in this one was that a certain character wasn’t involved in the plot to get the secrets (a discovery that makes the character much more interesting than they would otherwise have been), but beyond that, this one is tired, predictable, and not much fun. Not essential viewing.


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