UFO: Target Earth (1974)

Article 1935 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-2-2006
Posting Date: 11-29-2006
Directed by Michael A. DeGaetano
Featuring Nick Plakias, Cynthia Cline, Tom Arcuragi

When he accidentally intercepts a military call about UFO sightings and meets a psychic woman with a mental connection to alien presences, an electronics expert decides to investigate UFO sightings near a lake.

One of my sources claims this movie was made for $70,000 dollars, and to me, it looks it. Still, for a movie that’s made this cheaply, it certainly doesn’t lack ambition. It’s one that tries to tap in to the mystical qualities of certain aspects of UFOlogy. I can’t really say the movie is successful; there’s something about the eccentric use of music, the oddball pacing and characters, and the confused plotting that is more likely to get you scratching your head than anything else. Still, there’s a quality to this movie that I find quite unique, and as a result, I can’t quite bring myself to just dismiss the movie. Maybe it’s just because the movie took me somewhere that I’ve never been before, and given how many movies I’ve seen that seem like rehashes of other movies, I’ve learned to value that. And even though I found the computer-generated abstract special effects to be somewhat cheesy, they were rather hypnotic all the same. Action and thriller fans will definitely be disappointed, but those looking for something a little different with a mystical edge, there’s something to be appreciated here.


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