Kong Island (1968)

aka Eve the Wild Woman, King of Kong Island, Eve the Savage Venus, Eva al Venere selvaggia
Article 1928 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-25-2006
Posting Date: 11-22-2006
Directed by Roberto Mauri
Featuring Brad Harris, Esmerelda Barros, Marc Lawrence

An ex-mercenary is hunting down a man that left him for dead after a payroll robbery. His quest takes him into the middle of a jungle, where a hunt for ‘The Sacred Monkey” leads him to an encounter with gorillas who are under the scientific control of a madman.

What a cornucopia of titles to choose from; let’s eliminate a few. Any movie with both words “King” and “Kong” in the title should make some attempt to fit a giant ape in the plot, so let’s throw out KING OF KONG ISLAND. In fact, just KONG ISLAND still promises some giant monkey action; let’s face it, you have a right to expect it from any movie that contains the word KONG without the word HONG, so out it goes. Eve is wild enough, I suppose, given that she runs around the jungle topless; not that you see anything, though, thanks to her long black hair which she wears combed down in two long strands in front. Still, she’s the least violent member of the cast, so I’m throwing out all titles that imply otherwise.

Hey, we’ve just thrown out all the titles! Let’s go whole hog and throw out the movie as well. This astonishingly bad compendium of evil experiments on men-in-gorilla-suits, love triangles, vengeance quests, betrayals and Double-Stuffed Safari-O simply wanders all over the place without rhyme or reason for the most part. The music is probably the worst; it’s mostly vaguely exotic easy-listening music, and it’s repetitive as well. It’s a mean, ugly and dull movie that just isn’t much fun. I’m glad this one is out of the way.


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