Colossus and the Amazon Queen (1960)

aka Colossus and the Amazons, La Regina delle Amazzoni
Article 1922 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-19-2006
Posting Date: 11-16-2006
Directed by Vittorio Sala
Featuring Rod Taylor, Ed Fury, Dorian Gray

Glauco and his friend Pirro take up a job of guarding pirate treasure, only to find themselves drugged and left for the Amazons to find.

I tend to be blindsided by movies like this. It’s hard to take the Italian sword-and-sandal movies seriously when they’re done straight, so I never really find myself prepared when they actually play them for laughs, as they do here. This is the best Italian sword-and-sandal comedy I’ve seen, which is damning it with faint praise; it’s only competition is HERCULES VS. MACISTE IN THE VALE OF WOE , and that one is quite awful. This one benefits from the fact that the two leads are not only both speaking English, but have a good grasp of comedy as well; both Rod Taylor and Ed Fury are thoroughly amusing. The movie also gets a little mileage out of the reversal-of-the-sexes theme of the Amazons; the scene where we see all of the Amazons’ male menials cleaning, washing, cooking, and chattering away like housewives is pretty hilarious. The crowning touch came, though, when the ceremonial dance (practically every sword-and-sandal movie has one) opens with three scantily-clad men, and though the women soon take over the dance, I had to admit that was a brilliant touch. There’s some nonsense about a sacred girdle, our hero Ed Fury is constantly getting knocked out by any number of people, and there’s a scene where the Amazons are being attacked by invading pirates that is blocked out like a western scene where Indians attack pioneers in circled wagons. There are feats of super-strength and bear-wrestling. The only question I have is a simple one – Who’s Colossus?


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