The Curse of Nostradamus (1961)

aka La Maldicion de Nostradamus
Article 1834 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-23-2006
Posting Date: 8-20-2006
Directed by Federico Curiel and Stim Segar
Featuring German Robles, Domingo Soler, Julio Aleman

The son of Nostradamus, who sleeps on the ashes of his father and has become a vampire, vows to force a professor who preaches against all superstition to acknowledge the power of his father and publicly admit to the existence of the supernatural. He plans to demonstrate to the professors his abilities by predicting the deaths of several people, and then forcing the predictions to come true.

With this entry I have finished my coverage of the whole Nostradamus series, though it appears that, having started with BLOOD OF NOSTRADAMUS and ended with this one, I seem to have watched them all mostly in reverse order. I like the basic concept of the series; Nostradamus makes for an interesting vampire, and some of the stories are rather clever. My only wish is that the presentation had been stronger; even taking into account the fact that I’ve only seen the badly dubbed English prints (where Nostradamus’s ugly hunchbacked assistant sounds a little too much like Goofy), I get the feeling that the style would be static and dull in any language. This movie covers about three episodes of what was originally a serial of sorts, and makes a lame attempt at the end to make us believe that the vampire has been killed, but we know better; there were three more movies to come. Still, the way the various victims of Nostradamus meet their fates does make the movie more interesting than it could have been.

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