Legacy of Blood (1971)

Article #1714 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-23-2005
Posting Date: 4-22-2006
Directed by Carl Monson
Featuring Rodolfo Acosta, Merry Anders, Norman Bartold

Several heirs gather at the estate of an eccentric relative, and discover they must stay a week at the family estate if they hope to inherit their money. Someone begins to pick them off one by one…

Arrghh! Once again, I find a review I wrote five months ago has vanished, and I have to start from scratch. Yes, I could watch the movie again, but I don’t recall being particularly impressed with it the first time, and it certainly didn’t stick in my memory well enough to go over any details. The plot description should clue you in; it’s just an early seventies update of that old favorite, the “Old Dark House” plot. However, this being the early seventies, a few things are different; primarily, it’s bloodier and the characters are almost universally unpleasant. You should figure out one of the major twists in the story if you find it hard to believe that John Carradine would be used only in a short flashback and on the taped “reading of the will”. There is a certain rudimentary interest in seeing Faith Domergue and Jeff Morrow working together again, though.

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