Journey to the Center of Time (1967)

Article #1711 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-20-2005
Posting Date: 4-19-2006
Directed by David L. Hewitt
Featuring Scott Brady, Anthony Eisley, Gigi Perreau

A group of scientists are thrust into the future and then into the past when they experiment with time travel.

A perusal of David L. Hewitt’s credits on IMDB shows that he had an interesting career; he’s worked on special and visual effects, and as a producer, director, writer and occasionally actor (he played the title role in THE MIGHTY GORGA, for example). For this movie, he rewrote his story for THE TIME TRAVELERS and shot his own version of it on what looks like a mere fraction of the original’s budget. Though I admire his spirit, he should have left well enough alone; for the most part, this movie is a bore. I think a good seventy percent of this movie consists of either a) stock footage (especially the long travel back through time) or b) people standing at consoles spouting jargon. The middle of the story has been changed completely, but not in any positive way – there is a sequence involving blue aliens in the future that starts to set up a plot, but this whole situation is resolved so quickly that you wondered why the bothered. The only change I liked involved the ironic death of the villain, one of those stupid, boorish non-scientist types who puts everyone else in peril when he does something idiotic. The real problem with the movie is pace; Hewitt doesn’t know when a scene has gone on too long, and this is especially noticeable near the end when he borrows the time loop sequence from the original version of the movie and then makes each sequence in the loop go on too long to attain any of the sense of dramatic urgency. Still, for all that, there is something likable about the movie; I find his movies easier to enjoy than ones by Larry Buchanan or Andy Milligan, for example. Carol Burnett fans might be surprised to see Lyle Waggoner in a small role in this one.

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