Neutron vs. the Amazing Dr. Caronte (1963)

Article #1634 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-4-2005
Posting Date: 2-1-2006
Directed by Federico Curiel
Featuring Wolf Ruvinskis, Julio Aleman, Rosa Arenas

Neutron must do battle with the resurrected Dr. Caronte, who is still trying to get his hands on the Neutron bomb.

Yes, it’s more fun with Neutron, and this one is a direct sequel to NEUTRON VS. THE DEATH ROBOTS. Dr. Caronte is back, with his dwarf sidekick and his hairy faceless robots to help him. It’s more of the same, with musical numbers instead of wrestling matches for filler (actually, this movie is fairly light on them), a foreign agent who is also after the neutron bomb, the use of magic spells from the great Merlin, and a scene where Nora finally has to choose between her three suitors. The latter scene is a hoot; all three men give lame proposals, and, of course, she picks the man who gives the lamest of the lot. Neutron is called “The Masked Avenger” at the end of the movie, an appropriate if rather hackneyed title, but I’m still trying to figure out why he’s referred to as “The Atomic Superman” during the opening titles – he’s not atomic (though I will admit that neutrons are parts of atoms) and he’s not super (though I will agree that he’s a man).

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