The Reincarnate (1971)

Article #1597 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-29-2005
Posting Date: 12-26-2005
Directed by Don Haldane
Featuring Jack Creley, Jay Reynolds, Trudy Young

A dying lawyer who is a member of the cult of Sarkana offers a struggling artist the chance to inherit his memories in order to aid his ambitions. However, the process involves a ritual, and that ritual requires a virgin…

**NOTE** Despite a major setback in my viewing of this movie, I have decided to go ahead an write my review. More about the setback shortly.

I’m always looking forward to a movie that goes somewhere new with its ideas, and this is one of those. It’s basically about reincarnation, but it seems to follow different rules than other movies of this ilk. Granted, it’s not for many people; the movie is rather slow and is full of philosophical discourse, and those with a low tolerance threshold for this sort of thing will be unsatisfied. I found it quite interesting, especially because I was never sure exactly where it would go. Is it a variation on the Faust/Mephistopheles story (with the artist in the Faust role) or an Omen-style horror story (there is a cat who causes the death of several people who stand in the way of the memory transference from taking place)? One thing you do know; there is a price to pay, and you’re not quite sure exactly what it is. It is this mystery that kept me interested for the length of the movie.

That is, for the amount of the movie I saw. The setback I suffered is that my print is missing the ending. I decided to go on and write this review anyway, as having spent the amount of time to watch as much as I did, I didn’t want to have to watch another movie just to get one in today. I will attempt to get another copy with a complete ending; if there is no addendum to this review, you’ll know I haven’t done it yet.


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