Aliens from Spaceship Earth (1977)

Article #1493 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 4-16-2005
Posting Date: 9-13-2005
Directed by Don Como
Featuring Lynda Day George, Donovan, Leigh Taylor-Young

A documentary about spirituality, Eastern religions and higher consciousness.

I got this title from John Stanley’s “Creature Features Movie Guide Strikes Again” book. He describes the movie as being about alien visitations and features recreations of close encounters. Though the book definitely has its uses, the fact of the matter is that he didn’t see every movie listed, and every once in a while this shows in his plot descriptions. Furthermore, IMDB gives a plot outline that claims that the movie “tries to prove that all great men of the past were actually aliens”. If there are two movies of this title, than IMDB has them merged into one; the director and cast listed do match that of the movie I’ve seen (as far as they go, anyway; the cast listed are just playing themselves in the movie).

At any rate, my copy of the movie ALIENS FROM SPACESHIP EARTH has no speculation about visitations from outer space nor great men in history really being aliens. It’s a documentary about spirituality, higher planes of consciousness, and the place of Eastern religions in the Western world. Those expecting anything else will be extremely disappointed. For those interested in the subject it does discuss, it has its uses; if you’re searching for spiritual guidance and would like to explore the options offered by Eastern faiths, this movie could serve as an introductory guide to some of the options. Though it’s main area of speculation (that man is on the verge of a spiritual breakthrough in this time of crisis) doesn’t seem to have panned out (to these eyes, anyway), I found it nonetheless to be quite interesting. Whether it properly falls into the genre areas of this survey, however, is another question, though the mystic and the fantastic do intertwine. However, don’t expect anything about alien visitiations.


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