The Carpet of Horror (1962)

Article #1443 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-25-2005
Posting Date: 7-25-2005
Directed by Harold Reinl
Featuring Joachim Fuchsberger, Karin Dor, Werner Peters

Members of a crime syndicate are being murdered one by one when they come by an incriminating document that reveals the name of their secret leader. The method of murder involves a poison ball that emits toxic gases.

Let’s get that title out of the way. CARPET OF HORROR is one of those titles like LAKE OF DRACULA that simply fails to convey much in the way of horror; instead, it’s more likely to make you think up names for possible sequels, such as THROW-PILLOWS OF TERROR and DOILIES OF DOOM. Still, if it doesn’t quite convey a sense of horror, it’s somewhat fitting, as this isn’t a horror movie but rather a krimi in the style of the early sixties’ Edgar Wallace / Dr. Mabuse movies. The carpet is largely incidental; it just happens that the gas balls in question are usually tossed on a carpet to begin their work, though the carpet doesn’t seem to be a necessity in order for the gas to work.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun if somewhat confusing movie. You get quite a few characters thrown at you and you spend most of the plot trying to figure out who they are; are they good guys? Bad guys? Incidental characters? And who is the leader of the organization? Actually, the last one was fairly easy to figure out.

I’ve seen enough of these types of movies now to develop a general impression of them. I find I quite like them, though I have yet to see one that really blows me away. They also look like they would be quite good for rewatching, as it seems that certain scenes may prove more interesting once you know the later plot developments.

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