12 to the Moon (1960)

12 TO THE MOON (1960)
Article #1447 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-1-2005
Posting Date: 7-29-2005
Directed by David Bradley
Featuring Ken Clark, Michi Kobi, Tom Conway

Twelve people of various nationalities take part in an expedition to the moon.

There are some very nice touches to this movie; I like the international flavor of the cast, it’s certainly not predictable, and it has some very odd moments, particularly one involving experimental cats. You also have no idea which of the characters will survive (or remain active in the plot) and which won’t. This might have made up somewhat for the poor and clumsy character development, the low-budget special effects, and the sometimes silly plot elements; had everything else been acceptable, this movie might have worked.

Unfortunately, the movie is badly marred by its flaws. The pacing is almost nonexistent. It lacks any sense of real drama. Most of the acting is hesitant and stilted, as if the actors didn’t know what was going on or how they were supposed to feel about it. Some of the character conflicts are so painfully and blatantly contrived that you feel embarrassed to watch them trotted out in front of you. And ultimately, the movie lacks any real variety of mood; every scene feels the same as the last one, a problem compounded by the extremely clumsy use of music throughout. All these movies render this one nearly unwatchable, and I think that’s a real shame, because it is trying for something a little different. Director David Bradley would really only have one further movie to his credit, and that one (THE MADMAN OF MANDORAS) would be edited into the infamous THEY SAVED HITLER’S BRAIN.


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