Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory (1962)

Article #1429 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-11-2005
Posting Date: 7-11-2005
Directed by Paolo Heusch
Featuring Barbara Lass, Carl Schell, Curt Lowens

When a new professor arrives at a girl’s reform school, a series of werewolf attacks begin.

Given the exploitational (and inaccurate—the werewolf never actually shows up in the girls’ dormitory) title, and the semi-comic secondary title (THE GHOUL IN SCHOOL) designed to spotlight a rock song (which only appears during the opening title, lasts ten seconds, and merely repeats the phrase “There’s a ghoul in the school” a couple of times), you might understand why I expected little more from this than a forgettable horror/exploitation movie with maybe a touch of humor and lots of bad dubbing. Actually, it’s better than that; there’s a good sense of mystery to it, it has an assortment of interesting characters, and the subplot about the man having an affair with one of the students is far better than I anticipated (though I did expect it to be a red herring). It does still suffer from horrendous dubbing, though, and it did make me wonder how many foreign movies out there would have a better reputation if it weren’t for this latter circumstance. At any rate, there’s a lot more meat on the bones of this one than I expected. This one is worth a look for those willing to see past the dubbing.


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