Legend of Horror (1972)

Article #1383 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 12-28-2004
Posting Date: 5-27-2005
Directed by Enrique Carreras and Bill Davies
Featuring Karin Field, Fawn Silver, and several uncredited performers

A new prisoner is assigned to share a cell with a mad old man named Sidney, who is in prison for once having killed an old man.

When the Poe anthology movie OBRAS MAESTRAS DEL TERROR was released in this country, it was called MASTER OF HORROR, and had its third story excised. For those who wondered about the fate of that third story, here it is, badly dubbed and expanded into a full length movie. How? They set the movie several years into the future with the murderer now an imprisoned old man who tells the original story in flashback between trying to escape, talking to rat named Tommy, and knifing anyone who gets in his way. It’s pretty bad, but I can’t help but admire a little some of the resourcefulness that went into this. The special effects are unusual; the new gory death scenes are done via stop motion animation, and though it’s far from convincing, it’s novel enough to catch your attention. It also manages to make itself not seem quite as cheap as it was, through the use of borrowed music and footage from some of the AIP Poe movies. What really confuses me is the cast list; IMDB lists only two people in the cast, both of them women – Karin Field and Fawn Silver. However, there’s only one prominent female role in the movie, and I definitely recognize it as Fawn Silver (who I recall from ORGY OF THE DEAD). So who does Karin Field play? I have no idea.

Incidentally, the movie ends with a sign that talks about the imperfection of man. Given how bad this movie is, I can’t help but feel that the movie comes with its own built-in excuse. I’m not sure whether I admire that or not.

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