Her Jungle Love (1938)

Article #1356 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-30-2004
Posting Date: 4-29-2004
Directed by George Archainbaud
Featuring Dorothy Lamour, Ray Milland, Lynne Overman

Two pilots get stranded on a desert island in the south seas. There they meet a beautiful woman and a monkey, and have to tangle with natives on a nearby island who like sacrificing white men.

For the second day in a row I find myself watching a color movie with musical numbers interspersed by human sacrifices. Now, I’ll admit it’s no novelty that HELP! was in color, but this one was made before color was de rigeur, so I’ll hazard some guesses as to why they chose to shoot this one in color.

– Those beautiful blue skies.

– Dorothy Lamour’s sarong and red lipstick.

– The lush south sea island scenery.

– J. Carrol Naish’s cool headdress when he sacrifices white men to the crocodile of the grotto.

– J. Carrol Naish’s red coat when he greets newcomers.

– The colorful pageantry of the skirts of the natives.

I certainly don’t think that the lame script or the tired comic relief of Lynne Overman were big selling points, even if the makers of the movie did include a chimpanzee to help with the latter. Nonetheless, it does build to a big climax involving a volcanic explosion and a whole mess of crocodiles that gives the movie its horror element and makes the rest of the silliness worth wading through.

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