Castle in the Air (1952)

Article #1348 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-22-2004
Posting Date: 4-21-2005
Directed by Henry Cass
Featuring David Tomlinson, Helen Cherry, Margaret Rutherford

An impoverished Scottish Earl has his hands full trying to fend off creditors while simultaneously discouraging a socialist coal board representative from requisitioning his castle while encouraging a rich American widow to buy the castle.

Fantastic content: The castle is also haunted by a ghost named Ermyntrude, who takes an occasional role in the proceedings.

I found this British comedy consistently enjoyable. It’s energetic, well-paced and peopled with all sorts of eccentric characters. Among the latter are a butler who refuses to allow himself to be fired, a dotty old woman who is convinced that the Earl is the true and rightful king of Scotland (Margaret Rutherford, of course), and the harried coal board representative, who is forced to stay in the coldest room of the castle, must pay for every little service, and is left holding the fish when the constable arrives. There are more accents than you can shake your stick at, but that just adds more color to the proceedings. All in all, a delightful comedy, though for those interested in the fantastic content, the ghost largely exists to contribute to the occasional gag.

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