Venus Meets the Son of Hercules (1962)

Article #1295 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-30-2004
Posting Date: 2-27-2005
Directed by Marcello Baldi
Featuring Roger Browne, Jackie Lane, Linda Sini

Tammanus (the son of Jupiter) comes to earth to save a kingdom from an attack by evil foreigners. However, he falls for a mortal woman and gets caught up in the machinations of a schemer to the throne.

This one is just plain weird, and I’m not even sure I can quite put my finger on the reason why. The hero is actually a god in this one, though he becomes sporadically mortal; still, he appears only intemittently in the story. The movie itself jumps back and forth between the cheesy (the dubbing and the dialogue) to the spectacular (the opening battle sequence is actually quite impressive at times) to the arty (the entire dance sequence in the temple of Venus) to just plain surreal (the encounter with Venus and the end of the movie). It has a comic relief character who is actually somewhat amusing; I was even a little scared for him when he almost dies in the final battle. I also has one of the strangest torture sequences I’ve ever seen (involving two spiked walls, a narrow wooden plank, and gallons of burning hot water). It also gives you a chance to see a Greek God prance around in his dark blue underwear. The soundtrack isn’t really awful, but it does seem to belong to a different movie. The climax involves a giant man-eating plant. And it begins and ends with the catchy “Son of Hercules” theme.

By now, you should know whether you want to catch this one or not.

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