The Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy (1964)

Article #1278 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-13-2004
Posting Date: 2-10-2005
Directed by Rene Cardona
Featuring Ramon Bugarini, Elizabeth Campbell, Chabela Romero

The Wrestling Women do battle with a super-criminal known as the Black Dragon, and then encounter a mummy.

I could point out what a coincidence it was that I followed up one Aztec Mummy movie with another, but in truth, this one is technically not a part of the Aztec Mummy series. The other three movies are of a piece; they share the same characters and the same backstory, and there is a clear progression in action. This Aztec Mummy has a different backstory, a different name, a different appearance, and radically different powers. In fact, you might think they’ve confused him with a vampire; not only does he have the ability to turn into a bat, but he’s scared of daylight. I will admit that he is somewhat scary-looking, and I like his appearance better than the original Aztec Mummy; he even appears to move a hair faster than the earlier version. Still, you might not guess that by the speed of his appearance in this movie; in fact, he doesn’t appear until the seventy-minute mark, which is longer that the entire length of THE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY.

No, most of the movie has to do with the Wrestling Women doing battle with a Fu Manchu-style villain known as the Black Dragon, and most of the plot involves the various machinations being taken to acquire the ancient Aztec codex. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep from giggling at the constant use of the word “codex”, largely because of its resemblance to the brand name of a certain feminine hygiene item. If that isn’t good for giggles, there’s always the dubbing and lines like “Now watch while I dominate this woman’s will!”. There’s also the obligatory pulchritudinous mat action. Also, if you ever have trouble telling the difference between good guys and bad guys, just observe the difference early on in this one between how a good guy enters a wrestling arena (he pays for his ticket and gives it to the man at the gate) and how a bad guy enters a wrestling arena (he doesn’t buy a ticket and slugs the man at the gate).


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