Federal Agents Vs. Underworld, Inc. (1949)

Article #1271 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-6-2004
Posting Date: 2-3-2005
Directed by Fred C. Brannon
Featuring Kirk Alyn, Rosemary La Planche, Roy Barcroft

David Worth, Federal Agent, tries to discover who kidnapped an archaelogist name Clayton, and finds himself dealing with a crime organization intent on acquiring a golden hand unearthed in the country of Abistahn.

I usually find the strength of the Republic serials to lie in the production values they put into their serials, and in the excellent fight choreography. However, this one leaves me cold, and I suspect the reason is that the fight choreography here looks fairly ordinary. It’s a bit of a shame; the basic premise is rather unusual, and there is at least one interesting twist to the proceedings. Nevertheless, this one lost my interest, and having at least one cliffhanger that looks like footage from another serial (I think I’ve seen the “bomb on the bridge” sequence several times) and an episode consisting mostly of flashback material certainly doesn’t help the proceedings. The main fantastic content appears to be that of the fictional country of Abistahn.


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