Chosen Survivors (1974)

Article #1252 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-18-2004
Posting Date: 1-15-2005
Directed by Rafael Portillo and Sutton Roley
Featuring Jackie Cooper, Alex Cord, Richard Jaeckel

A group of people are placed in an underground complex to survive the onset of thermonuclear war, but find that the complex has been invaded by bloodthirsty vampire bats.

Question and answer time, folks!

Q: Why does this seventies science fiction movie shy away from dealing with the human conflicts and situations of people dealing with a crisis situation and turn into a movie about killer bats?
A: Because it’s easier to make a killer bat movie than one about human conflicts.

Q: If it’s really a killer bat movie, why the elaborate apocalyptic science-fiction setup?
A: So they can also have a trendy science fiction movie with which to make depressingly bleak comments about humanity, thus giving the movie greater commercial appeal to those who aren’t into killer bat movies.

Q: With the survival of the human race at stake, why does the government populate this compound largely with emotionally fragile people who crack up easily?
A: Because it’s easier for the killer bats to frighten them.

Q: Why do they drug the people before placing them in the compound?
A: To make them more emotionally fragile so they’ll be even more scared by the bats.

Q: Why do they include an annoying paranoid rich man who drinks too much and attempts to rape one of the women?
A: To demonstrate the dim view they take of humanity.

Q: Why is the paranoid annoying rich man who drinks too much and tries to rape one of the women the one who most accurately assesses the true nature of the situation?
A: Because I think he’s supposed to be the hero. Isn’t that depressing?

Q: Why does the soundtrack mostly consist of electronic pulses and blaring dissonant horns?
A: To annoy us.

Q: Why are the residents greeted every morning by the recording of the upbeat woman who constantly reminds them how well they’re cooperating with each other?
A: See the answer to the above question.

Q: Why does everybody yell at each other?
A.: Because, in some circles, this is considered good acting.

Q: Why did I watch this?
A: Because it was on the list.

Q: Is it better than NIGHTWING!
A: Yes. I had to say something good about it.

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