Demon Hunter (1965)

Article #1230 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-27-2004
Posting Date: 12-24-2004
Directed by Massey Cramer
Featuring George Ellis, Marianne Gordon, Erin Fleming

A reporter hopes to get his big break by covering the story of the monster of Blood Mountain.

Our hero’s name is Bestoink Dooley.

He’s fat, incompetent, and looks kind of like Zero Mostel.

He eats cookies and drinks milk in bed while listening to an Easy Listening radio station. We have an extended sequence in this movie where he does this. By the way, I’m fairly sure whoever was responsible for the music on the Easy Listening station was responsible for the rest of the music in the movie as well.

His boss doesn’t want Bestoink in his office because he knocks ashtrays into his lap and steps on his cigars.

Bestoink dreams of having beautiful women give him drinks and hand him cigars. He then dreams his name is in the headlines.

We see lots of scenes of Bestoink walking. We see lots of scenes of Bestoink driving. On the plus side, Bestoink has a cool antique car.

Bestoink interviews a man who wants to talk about the annual cemetery cleaning. It appears that this is the big event of the town.

The legend of Blood Mountain is that when a bloodstain appears on the mountain, the monster is loose. He tears the hearts out of his victims and drinks their blood. Bestoink is too fast for him, though.

My print runs 65 minutes. The actual movie runs 76 minutes. Apparently, the video is missing 11 minutes of footage. Unfortunately, the footage appears to be from the middle of the movie. If they kept the whole interminable beginning of the movie in favor of this eleven minutes in the middle, I can only speculate on how bad it must have been.

I think the movie is a comedy. It’s hard to tell with nary a laugh in sight.

I could go on, but why bother? This one’s a stinker, pure and simple. It’s one of those movies that continues running its footage in blithe ignorance of the fact that absolutely nothing is happening for most of its length. It’s the cinematic equivalent of watching paint dry; it’s as exciting, as emotionally fulfilling, and as interesting to write about.

I lost 65 minutes of my life today.

I have nothing more to say.

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