Slave Girl (1947)

Article #1218 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-15-2004
Posting Date: 12-12-2004
Directed by Charles Lamont
Featuring George Brent, Yvonne De Carlo, Broderick Crawford

A playboy is sent to Tripoli to ransom several prisoners from Pasha, but the gold is stolen by a scheming slave girl.

The cast certainly catches your attention; George Brent, Yvonne De Carlo, Broderick Crawford, Albert Dekker, Arthur Treacher and Andy Devine are all present. Now with all these luminaries, who do you think gets the biggest credit in the movie? That honor goes to Humpy, the Educated Camel, who also (as God is my witness) narrates this movie. As a comedian, Humpy is just a little less amusing than Scuttlebutt the Duck (remember EVERYTHING’S DUCKY? Unfortunately, I do…), never mind Francis the Talking Mule. Actually, Humpy’s main purpose seems to be to remind the viewers not to take this exotic fantasy too seriously, but when you see Andy Devine fighting people by bumping into them with his big belly, there’s no danger of that happening. Of course it’s silly; what do you expect from a movie directed by the man who gave us Abbott and Costello’s latter horror comedies and the woman who played Lily Munster? The movie also features another uncredited appearance by Noble Johnson.


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