Female Vampire (1973)

Article #1177 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-4-2004
Posting Date: 11-1-2004
Directed by Jesus Franco
Featuring Lina Romay, Jack Taylor, Alice Arno

A female vampire is on the loose sucking the life out of her victims.

Yes, folks, it’s Jess/Jesus Franco again. I wish I could describe this as a vampire movie with sex in it, but in truth it’s a sex movie with a little vampirism in it. It’s one hour and forty-five minutes long, and if you take the sex out, it would probably run about 15 minutes or so. Those fifteen minutes consist of the movie’s efforts to convince me it had some sort of story.

The movie did inspire me to do a little research, and I’ve decided to share the results of that research.

Larry Buchanan directed 29 movies.
Ed Wood directed 18 movies.
Andy Milligan directed 27 movies.
Herschell Gordon Lewis directed 37 movies.
Phil Tucker directed 7 movies.

Now, I think Jesse Franco is probably more competent than any of those directors. Nonetheless, this movie has convinced me of one thing, and that is that Franco is a director who will probably end up wasting my time far more than those other directors (though I may revise that statement when I actually see an Andy Milligan film). And when you consider that he’s directed 182 films (not all of which are fantastically themed, but I’m willing to bet a significant ratio of them will qualify), I start to get an inkling of just how much time he could take up.

Oh, and one more stat: Franco has more than sixty nom-de-plumes. That must be some sort of record.


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