Deathmaster (1982)

Article #1137 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 4-25-2004
Posting Date; 9-22-2004
Directed by Ray Danton
Featuring Robert Quarry, John Fiedler, Bill Ewing

A vampire insinuates himself into a house of hippies.

I like the central premise of this movie. This is that a group of hippies who embrace the counterculture and reject the establishment would prove to be ideal victims for a smooth-talking and charismatic vampire. The movie is also helped by a good performance by Robert Quarry, who captures well the kind of personality that would take in this group of people. However, the movie becomes dumber as it progresses; as several characters act with supreme stupidity. To specify, I put forth DS’s rules for vampire hunting.

If you are going to enter a house that you know is inhabited by vampires, remember these three rules:

1) Enter the house during the day when the vampires are at their least powerful.

2) Arm yourself with items that can be used to protect yourself from vampires and with which you can destroy them.

3) Also arm yourself with anything you need to protect yourself against the vampire’s human minions.

I can forgive someone forgetting the third rule. However, if you forget either of the first two, you’re being stupid. And if you forget both of them, you’re being supremely stupid. The heros in this movie forget both of them.

And why does the vampire keep leeches in a bowl near his coffin? He doesn’t need them to suck blood (he can do that on his own). And as far as pets go, he already has a cat.

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