Remember Last Night? (1935)

Article #1087 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-6-2004
Posting Date: 8-3-2004
Directed by James Whale
Featuring Edward Arnold, Robert Young, Constance Cummings

When a murdered body is found in the mansion of rich partiers, nobody can remember what happened since they were all too drunk to recall the circumstances.

This comedy-mystery directed by the man responsible for some of the greatest horror films of all time has a lot going for it; it has a great cast, beautiful sets, an energetic, almost dizzying pace, and Whale’s wonderful visual sense. I don’t think it’s quite as hilarious as it sets out to be; the first quarter of the movie consists almost entirely of the antics of rich drunken people, and except for Arthur Treacher’s long-suffering but contemptuous and curt commentary on the proceedings, I get fairly tired of the endless partying. The story also gets very confusing as it progresses, though its strong points are such that I would be more than willing to give it all a second viewing. The fantastic aspects are minor, but memorable; Gustav von Seyffertitz makes a memorable appearance as a hypnotist, and this sequence is definitely a high point in the movie. There are also direct verbal references to both THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA’S DAUGHTER (though the latter hadn’t been released yet), and some of the later scenes also have a slight horror feel to them. There are many familiar names in the cast, include Robert Armstrong, George Meeker, Edward Brophy, Gregory Ratoff, and Regninal Denny. E.E. Clive has a priceless bit as the coroner’s photographer.


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