Sabaka (1954)

SABAKA (1954)
(a.k.a. THE HINDU)
Article #1064 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-12-2004
Posting Date: 7-11-2004
Directed by Frank Ferrin
Featuring Nino Marcel, Boris Karloff, Lou Krugman

A young Hindu elephant trainer wants to take vengeance on a fire cult for the death of his sister.

There are several familiar faces to be found in this exotic adventure tale; Boris Karloff and Victor Jory are on hand, and it’s nice to actually see the face of June Foray, who is primarily known for her voice work throughout the years. Unfortunately, they’re all consigned to fairly minor roles. The star is Nino Marcel, and the only credit I see for the rest of his career is as a regular on the Andy Devine kiddie show, “Andy’s Gang” playing the same character. For that matter, Foray also appeared on “Andy’s Gang”, as did Lou Krugman, who played a Maharajah in both places. Isn’t it interesting the things a little research will dredge up?

Originally, I thought this was shot in India, because the exotic locations and animals steal the show; apparently, such is not the case. Unfortunately, the story is dullish and uninspired, and Marcel just doesn’t have the star appeal of Sabu. It’s only marginally horror, and that’s due only to the fire cult elements. Karloff plays a general and has maybe three minutes of screen time altogether. It’s a curiosity, to be sure, but little more than that.


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