The Devil’s Mask (1946)

Article #1059 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-7-2004
Posting Date: 7-6-2004
Directed by Henry Levin
Featuring Jim Bannon, Barton Yarborough, Michael Duane

This is the second movie I’ve seen from the short-lived Columbia series based on the “I Love a Mystery” radio show, and I must say I find myself rather fond of the series. Part of it is the main characters; I like both Bannon and Yarborough in the roles of Jack Packard and Doc Long, in particular the latter, as he manages to stay just this side of making the character pure comic relief. It’s a mystery rather than a horror movie, of course, but it makes quite a bit of use of horror elements. There’s a spooky museium, a collection of shrunken heads, murder by poisonous blowdarts, a headless body, and a man who keeps a panther for a pet. You probably will figure out the murderer early on if you’re familiar with the way these mysteries work themselves out. It’s a fun little B programmer of the period.

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