Solitare Attacks (1966)

Article #1025 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-4-2004
Posting Date: 6-2-2004
Directed by Ralph Habib
Featuring Sophie Agacinski, Teresa Gimpera, Gisele Grandpre

Spies must recover a suitcase with a bomb and the tape recording that can open the suitcase so the bomb can be disconnected.

This French/Spanish entry in the superspy category was a little difficult to track down, since my reference book gave a title (THE SOLITARY GOES TO THE ATTACK) that brought up nothing on IMDB; I eventually matched it up with LE SOLITAIRE PASSE A L’ATTAQUE by matching cast and director information, but the listing gave no English title. I eventually found it under the title SOLITARE ATTACKS, though the print I found is actually missing the title of the movie; fortunately, the cast list does appear to match the one I’m looking for, so I’ll say I found it. A handful of gadgets makes this marginal science fiction. Other than that, it’s a pretty ordinary European Bond imitation, mostly notable for having a somewhat sharper sense of humor than usual; in particular, I like the response of one of the spies when a woman overhears them defeating two men who are good shots and concludes that they are indeed spies. And don’t ask me who or what Solitare is; the name isn’t mentioned once during the course of the movie.


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