The Savage Girl (1932)

Article #1020 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 12-30-2003
Posting Date: 5-28-2004
Directed by Harry L. Fraser
Featuring Rochelle Hudson, Walter Byron, Adolph Miller

A safari discovers a wild white woman living in the jungle.

All right, a quick description of the characters.

First, we have the hero who leads the expedition. He will protect any white goddess found in the jungle from the machinations of those who wish to take advantage of her.

We have the villain, who has plans to take advantage of the white goddess, and is good friends with the local headhunters; if anyone stands in his way, he can ask them for favors.

We have the white goddess, whose main act of savagery seems to be hugging the kittens of a jaguar. Despite having lived by herself in the wild for years, her main defense against those who attack her is to scream and try to run.

We have the comic relief drunken millionaire who goes to Africa to gather a menagerie and see if elephants are really afraid of mice. I’ll leave it to you to find out the result of that experiment.

Take these characters, add ten minutes of plot, ten minutes of comic relief and lots of stock footage of safaris, and you have an idea of how this movie goes.

Oh, and how does it end? I won’t say, but I will give you a couple of clues –


Heroes by there very nature are not allowed to kill villains no matter how villainous they are; that’s how heroes are (in the movies, anyway).

Unrepentant villains can not be left alive at the end of a movie.

Wandering gorillas are not subject to the same moral code as heroes.

****END OF SPOILER*********

Summary. Given the choice between watching this movie and doing the laundry, keep these things in mind.

1) It takes about as long to do a load of laundry as it does to watch this movie.

2) Both tasks are equally entertaining.

3) After doing one of these things, you have a nice stack of clean clothes. After doing the other, you still need to do your laundry.

Make your choices accordingly.


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