Dream No Evil (1970)

Article #988 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11/28/2003
Posting Date: 4/26/2004
Directed by John Hayes
Featuring Edmond O’Brien, Marc Lawrence, Brooke Mills

A woman obsessed with finding her father discovers him in a morgue, where he rises from the dead and kills his undertaker. She then moves with him on to his farm, where he sporadically kills people.

The book from which I got this title to add to my list described it as a PSYCHO variation, though it’s a good thirty minutes into the movie before that becomes noticeable. However, that makes it quite similar to its model; you’re a good ways into that movie before the real direction of the story becomes apparent. This one, however, has some voice-over narration that essentially gives away the game at a crucial point in the movie; you’re pretty much in on the truth of the situation before the first murder even occurs. Still, this is not to say that this movie doesn’t use some interesting approaches to telling its story, and there is a real surreal oddity that cuts through many of the scenes to help compensate for the extreme low-budget of the undertaking. Nonetheless, I don’t think O’Brien considered this as one of the high points of his career. The movie also features Arthur Franz and Michael Pataki.

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