Let’s Live Again (1948)

Article #973 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-13-2003
Posting Date: 4-11-2004
Directed by Herbert I. Leeds
Featuring John Emery, Hillary Brooke, Taylor Holmes

A nuclear scientist loses his brother in an airplane accident. He then believes a dog he encounters is the reincarnation of his brother.

I first encountered John Emery as one of the scientists in ROCKETSHIP X-M; at that time, I didn’t think of him as a comic actor, and none of the other roles of his that I’d seen led me to believe anything different. Yet here he is, playing the lead role in this comedy about a man who may or may not be suffering from delusions, and after watching it, I’m only more firmly convinced that he isn’t a comic actor; his performance comes across as rather quiet and glum, and this just doesn’t make for good comedy. As a whole, the movie comes across as forced and unconvincing; it never works up any energy and all seems rather pointless. It’s a shame; I’ve been curious about this one for some time based on the plot description, as I believe it could have gone in some interesting directions. As it is, I believe there are good reasons this movie is as obscure and hard-to-find as it is.


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