Witchcraft (1964)

Article #961 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-1-2003
Posting Date: 3-30-2004
Directed by Don Sharp
Featurng Lon Chaney Jr., Jack Hedley, Jill Dixon

When an ancestral cemetery is plowed over by a bulldozer, a witch who was buried alive arises from her grave to wreak vengeance.

There really aren’t that many surprises in this standard entry in the witch’s revenge/devil worship subgenre of horror. Nonetheless, it’s effective enough, at least partially due to a generally decent level of acting enlivened by a good performance by Lon Chaney Jr. (though he only appears sporadically); actually, he seemed to get better horror roles during the sixties than he did the previous decade. One thing that caught my attention was what I orginally thought was an editing gaff; a woman is driving through a landfill, but the shots through her windshield show her driving through a tree-lined lane. In truth, what she sees through the windshield is merely what she sees in her mind, though I do consider it a case where the movie could have made this a lot clearer; as it is, I didn’t figure it out until the same thing almost happens again later and we get a verbal explanation.


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