The Girl From Scotland Yard (1937)

Article #879 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-11-2003
Posting Date: 1-8-2004
Directed by Robert Vignola
Featuring Karen Morley, Robert Baldwin, Eduardo Cianelli

A woman who works with Scotland Yard investigates the source of strange explosions and encounters a reporter who is hunting for the lost husband of a friend.

Another of those mystery/thrillers of the thirties with a marginal and cliched science fiction aspect; in this case, the ubiquitous ‘death ray’ machine. There are nice touches here and there (the final sequence involves a fairly exciting dogfight) and occasional bursts of momentary bad acting (since the actors are pretty competent outside of these moments, I suspect these lapses may be the result of bad direction), but all in all, it’s merely rather ordinary. Not bad for a slow day and keep your expectations in check.

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