Don’t Take It to Heart (1944)

Article #838 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-30-2003
Posting Date: 11-27-2003
Directed by Jeffrey Dell
Featuring Richard Greene, David Horne, Patricia Medina

Plot Description: Huh?

Title check: See plot description.

What kind of movie would take the pains to introduce a ghost in the first few minutes of the movie, and then consign him to the status of a minor character for the rest of the movie? It would be the same type of movie where everyone is in agreement on the pronounciation of the name of the village of Chaumpuyt (sounds like Compit), but cannot agree on the pronounciation of the most common surname of its inhabitants (Bucket). In case you haven’t figured it out, this is a comedy, and an exceedingly strange one at that, full of curious eccentrics and bizarre jokes. What plot there is seems to revolve around a plot of land that was once set aside for grazing but has now come under the control of a rich man who no longer allows animals on the property. The movie takes most of its satirical jabs at the law profession during a trial scene in which the two sides engage in a bewildering barrage of legalese. Ernest Thesiger also shows up to enliven the proceedings. This is certainly one of the oddest comedies to come down the pike in quite a while.

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