Night of Violence (1966)

Article #816 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-9-2003
Posting Date: 11-6-2003
Directed by Robert Mauri
Featuring Alberto Lupo, Marilu Tolo, Lisa Gastoni

A strange masked man is stalking and murdering women; police investigate.

Title check: The violence does happen at night, so it’s appropriate in that regard. However, it also happens over several nights rather than one.

Well, here I am, once again, staring at a foreign language movie (Italian, this time) that I could only find in an undubbed, unsubtitled version. Now, for some movies this isn’t a problem; for those that largely use visuals to tell their story, it really doesn’t matter. However, if there’s one thing this movie has, it’s talk, and lots of it. I was able to figure out that we were dealing with a masked murderer attacking women, but the whole middle section is a real question mark to me. It does look somewhat interesting, and maybe someday I’ll come by a more English-friendly version (or learn Italian). Until then, this is another one that will have to wait for further consideration.


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