Tarzan and the Amazons (1945)

Article #745 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-30-2003
Posting Date: 8-27-2003
Directed by Kurt Neumann
Featuring Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield

Tarzan tries to prevent a group of adventurers from discovering the secret home of the Amazons.

In TARZAN ESCAPES we saw how the Hays office had taken steps to declaw the Tarzan series and remove the savagery and the violence. Here we are, nine years later, and the series has been thoroughly domesticated. I don’t think there’s a single fight with a wild animal this time, and the emotional center of the plot is Tarzan’s relationship with Boy, which becomes strained when he takes a liking to the adventurers. Maureen O’Sullivan is long gone, and there’s a lot more talk than action this time around, and Tarzan’s most violent act is breaking Boy’s hunting bow. It’s not bad, but it’s a long way from what fans of the Tarzan character may expect. As far as the Amazons, they appear for a couple of minutes towards the beginning and then disappear from the story until the last third, so those watching the movie to catch those particular charms may be excused for taking a forty minute break in the middle of the movie. And even though Maria (Maleva, the old gypsy woman) Ouspenskaya is an excellent actress, the fact that she is playing the leader of the tall, statuesque, leggy and youthful Amazons is nothing short of anomolous.

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