Jack the Ripper (1958)

Article #574 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 10-10-2002
Posting date: 3-5-2003

Four stories that pierce the veil of human existence.

When I covered the movie THE VEIL some time back, I pointed out that it was four stories from an unsold TV series hosted by Boris Karloff stitched together to make a movie. This anthology of four stories is cut from the same cloth. In fact, it’s a little too much the same; the first story in this one (about a man that foresees a murder before it is committed) was the third story in that one. It’s also interesting to note that the description of the above story also fits the fourth story in this one, about a man who foresees some of the details of the murders committed by Jack the Ripper (hence the title), and it seems like many of the stories in the series deal with precognition in one form or another. This may also explain why watching them strung together gets a little repetitive. To vary things, the two middle stories are not about precognition; they’re about ghosts intent on righting injustices of one sort or another. Karloff, as well as serving as hosts to each of the stories, has small roles in the first two stories, a major role in the third, and does not appear in the last, which does feature an excellent performance by Niall MacGinnis (Karswell from CURSE OF THE DEMON). It’s probably best taken an episode at a time.

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