Port Sinister (1953)

Article #553 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 9-19-2002
Posting date: 2-12-2003

An island submerged for hundreds of years rises from the ocean, and scientists trying to investigate it are at odds with crooks who want to steal treasure from it.

Though it has some interesting ideas, I found this action-oriented adventure yarn more dull than thrilling, partially because of lack of funds (though they use an intriguing idea of using a parachute as a sail to transport a stranded airplane at sea, we only hear about it and never actually see it being used), part of it because the script is weak (some scenes have silly over-the-top dialogue, especially when the crook waxes philosophic about treasure, and some scenes were rather confusing) and finally because the copy I found was so dark that it was hard to tell one character from another. In fact, I’m not sure whether that was the primary problem I had with the movie, but I somehow doubt that a good print would reveal a classic. As it is, I found myself a lot more interested in what was sitting in my refrigerator than what was taking place on the screen, and needless to say that after five minutes of foraging in the former, I didn’t feel obliged to rewind and catch the five minutes I missed. This may mean that if I talk about it as having been confusing, it may have been my own damn fault; however, if the movie had caught my interest to begin with, I would have rewound. I’ll probably give it another shot when I upgrade.

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