Shock (1946)

SHOCK (1946)
Article #503 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 7-31-2002
Posting date: 12-24-2002

A woman goes into shock after witnessing a murder. The doctor who is called in to treat her is the murderer she saw.

This is an interesting little movie; though I don’t think it quite lives up to its premise, nonetheless it has a strong beginning (with a great little dream sequence to kick things off) and a strong ending, plus it is blessed by a good performance by Vincent Price before he became a horror star. It’s less of a horror film than a film noir, with a femme fatale nurse dominating the doctor and pushing him into further illegal acts to cover up his crimes. The uses of hypnotism, and the theme of madness, plus the dream sequence, are the elements that add the touches of horror to this movie.


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