Love Wanga (1936)

Article #470 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 6-28-2002
Posting date: 11-21-2002

A light-skinned voodoo priestess falls in love with a white plantation owner, and vows to get rid of the woman he loves.

I thought this movie seemed very similar to THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER, and it turns out that the later movie was a reworking of the script for this one. I found this out from the “Forgotten Horrors” book by Turner and Price, which also includes the background story for the movie which would make a movie in itself; apparently, the makers of the movie went to Haiti to observe actual voodoo ceremonies, but angered the natives when they wanted to capture them on camera. From that moment onwards, the movie was plagued with bizarre production problems; it was eventually shot in Jamaica. If the one voodoo priest in love with the main character looks a lot like Sheldon Leonard, that’s because it is. The story is pretty ordinary, but there are some interesting visual moments, some nice atmosphere here and there, and some very nice editing every once in a while, particularly one that contrasts the dancing of the white characters with those of the blacks.

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