Gamera Vs. Gaos (1967)

Article #426 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 5-15-2002
Posting date: 10-8-2002

A giant vampire-like bat monster arises out of the area near Mount Fuji and terrorizes Japan. Gamera comes to the rescue.

All right, we have this giant flat-headed vampiric bat creature who flies through the air, shoots laser beams, and feeds on human blood. His weaknesses: he can’t stand the sunlight and is unable to turn his head. Therefore, the following plan is used to dispatch him; a vat with a fountain is installed on the top of the building with a rotating roof that is filled with artificial human blood. When the monster is attracted to the vat, he stands on the roof to drink the blood. The roof will then rotate rapidly, rendering the monster dizzy and unable to move until dawn, when the sunlight will dispatch with him. This is considered a more feasible plan than building a giant ultraviolet ray gun. Everyone believes the plan will work and it almost does (this I find hard to believe). The plan was devised by a six-year-old child (this, however, I do believe). Of course, there’s a lot more to the movie than this, but for some reason, my mind comes to a screeching halt at this point; what can you say about a movie that so obviously tosses plausibility to the four winds? You can say it was made for a six-year-old child. Which it was.

And let’s face it; whatever the plan was, you knew it wouldn’t work; with a title like GAMERA VS.GAOS, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know it’s going to end with a knock-down drag-out fight between the titular monsters; heck, a six-year-old kid could figure it out.

Still, I was entertained.

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