Hold That Hypnotist (1957)

Article #372 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 3-22-2002
Posting date: 8-8-2002

Sach is hypnotised and regressed to discover that he was a tax collector who came into possession of a map showing the location of Blackbeard’s treasure.

Sooner or later I knew I’d run across the Bowery Boys in my cinematic travels; unfortunately, this one, lacking Leo Gorcey, is hardly representative. This leaves Huntz Hall to carry the load, and he does okay, but no better than that. The plot is based on the Bridey Murphy case; I was going to say “inspired by,” but that implies that inspiration was at work here. The Bowery Boys weren’t talentless; I can see traces of some decent comic timing at work here and there. But by this point in the game, they were largely going through the motions, and without Gorcey’s malapropisms, all we really have left is Huntz’s mugging. This is not the place to start with them.


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