Beyond the Time Barrier (1960)

Article #362 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 3-12-2002
Posting date: 7-29-2002

A pilot on a test flight breaks the time barrier and ends up 64 years in the future, after a plague has decimated the earth.

This is one of those movies that really aspires to be a serious science fiction drama; it’s also a movie plagued with an incredible amount of talk, and a budget so low that you spend a lot of the movie wondering how some of the scenes might have come off if a little more money had been thrown its way. Robert Clarke produced this one, and he got Edgar G. Ulmer to direct, but Ulmer was either past his prime at this point or simply didn’t have enough resources to do more than he did; I find none of the atmosphere that permeated his earlier genre movies, and the movie becomes a long, difficult slog. It’s a bit of a shame; I think there’s some interesting things going on here, but it was really hard not to get distracted. Chalk it up as another one that may have to wait until I’m really in the right mood for it.


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