Zombies on Broadway (1945)

Article #342 by Dave Sindelar
Posting date: 7-9-2002
Viewing date: 2-20-2002

Two dunderheads are sent to San Sebastian by the owner of a nightclub to get a real-life zombie for the opening act.

Bela Lugosi may have had a chance to work with Abbott and Costello, but he also worked with some of the most pathetic comedy acts of all time. The guys he works with this time are pretty bad, but not as bad as some of the others, but that only means they’re not as bad as the Martin-and-Lewis imitators in the Brooklyn Gorilla movie. There is a bit of atmosphere, thanks to Bela, Sir Lancelot and Darby Jones of I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE fame, but for the most part this is a movie about two comedians who can’t manage a single punch line between them. Still, there is Sheldon Leonard and Ian Wolfe to add to things..


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