The Bloody Vampire (1961)

Article #335 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 2-13-2002
Posting date: 6-30-2002

The daughter of a vampire hunter goes undercover as a maid in a castle believed to be run by a vampire.

This movie begins with an incredibly atmospheric sequence involving a carriage moving silently in slow motion; it’s a simple effect, but wonderfully mood-setting. The rest of the movie can’t equal it; it is talky and slow-moving, with some interesting ideas and moments, but it’s too long for its own good. The ending is quite interesting; it amounts to what might be termed a stalemate between the forces of good and evil. The movie is supposed to be related to INVASION OF THE VAMPIRES, a movie I haven’t as yet seen, so I can’t say for sure; it may be either a prequel or a sequel to that movie. Interesting, but flawed Mexican horror movie.


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