Bluebeard (1944)

Article #329 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 2-7-2002
Posting date: 6-24-2002

Police investigate a series of murders by a fiend they call Bluebeard.

This is an amazingly classy movie considering it came from the cheapest of the studios, PRC. This movie takes itself quite seriously, going more for drama than horror, with fine direction by Edgar Ulmer and one of the best performances ever by John Carradine; the closest he comes to hamming is the way his eyes open when he kills someone, and that is appropriate. You can see the real effort he put into his roles when he wanted to, and this is one of the high points in his horror career (he had many others outside of the horror genre). I think this is much better than any of the horror product Monogram put out during the era.


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