Terror From the Year 5000 (1958)

Article #308 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 1-17-2002
Posting date: 6-3-2002

Scientists experimenting with a time travel apparatus bring a radiation-scarred mutant from the future into our time.

This movie has a lot of problems: it’s cheaply shot, it’s not directed particularly well, the acting is quite poor at times, and the soundtrack has too many moments that sound like they were lifted from sitcoms. What it does have is an interesting story and some very nice touches and ideas here and there, so it holds you’re interest. Quite frankly, it’s one of those movies that could leave either a good or bad impression, depending on whether you see the glass as half empty or half full; me, I found it quite engaging. I especially like the touch when the woman from the future tries to accost someone by speaking in ancient Greek; she thought that was the native language when she was sent a fraternity medal with Greek letters on it.

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