Sting of Death (1967)

Article #236 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 11-7-2001
Posting date: 3-23-2002

A strange jellyfish creature terrorizes guests on an island in the Everglades.

This movie, directed by the man who gave us DEATH CURSE OF TARTU, has largely the same strengths and weaknesses of that film. The best thing is the Everglades footage, which gives the film a nice setting. On the downside, most of the scenes go on too long, and the conflicts that drive the story are labored and overdone, particularly the way everyone overreacts when they meet the deformed handyman. The costume of the creature is more apt to net laughs than to inspire terror, though it’s pretty much what I would expect a half-man, half-jellyfish to look like. And though some of the scenes work all right, some of them are just plain ridiculous, particularly a scene where teenagers flail around in the water while being attacked by deadly jellyfish that look for all the world like baggies filled with brightly colored items. Still, this may be the only movie with a were-jellyfish; that must count for something somewhere.


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