Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1965)

Article #230 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 11-1-2001
Posting date: 3-17-2002

Jesse James and Hank Tracy team up with the Wild Bunch to hold up a stagecoach, but it turns out to be a trap in which Tracy is shot. Jesse takes him to a monastery inhabited by the granddaughter of Dr. Frankenstein to heal his wounds, but she has other plans.

I think this movie is a tad bit better than it sounds, but not by much; it has a nice soundtrack, anyway. The much-maligned William Beaudine directed this movie, but I don’t know of any director who could have really done much with the concept. This is the companion movie to BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA, which at least had the presence of John Carradine to give it that little extra touch; the only name I recognized right away from the credits of this one is Nestor Paiva, the captain of the boat from CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Chalk it up to another one of those failed attempts at that most elusive of genre crossings, the horror-western.


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